Outdoor Blinds and Backyard Tips for an Exterior Makeover

Outdoor blinds can give decks, patios, verandahs, and other outdoor structure a refreshing look. More so if you incorporate them with efficient makeover ideas that will add more character and function to your yard.

Add greenery

Green is a lucky colour for 2017. So why not bring the nature in by adding plants, trees, and flowers? There’s something invigorating about a yard that’s packed with tropical elements. There are plenty of ways you can do it. Planting grasses, flowers, and shrubs accentuate the lawn. You can even integrate a tree in your backyard, and pair it with crawling vines to create a natural canopy. Another great idea is planting edible herbs in pots; they can help you save up and keep a healthy diet.

Make sure that plants and flowers that are too delicate to be constantly exposed to the sun are protected, by enclosing your patio with outdoor blinds that filter UV rays effectively.

Maintain the light

Aside from skylights and windows, you can opt for outdoor blinds for additional lighting and protection. But while the purpose of blinds is to protect furniture and patio loungers from the harmful rays of the sun, you don’t really want to completely keep the lights out.  That’s where clear PVC café blinds make a perfect option. Cafe blinds are designed to protect backyard structures from damaging outdoor elements such as rain, dust, wind, and extreme heat – without compromising the views and aesthetic of the house.

Refurbish carefully

Do you want a daybed in your porch? Hammocks? Canopies? Not only will you have to ensure their swings are installed durably, you also have to consider if they complement the overall look of your home. Choose furniture that goes well with your outdoor shades, blinds, and curtains.

Do not add an element that may overwhelm the style of the place. Like if you want to maintain a tropical look, you can add wind chimes and ferns on the ceiling but a modern tabletop fire pit would look out of place.

Add awning to roof

You can add more character to your home’s exterior by adding an awning to the roof. Aside from that, awnings are also a solution to thermal problems. 65 – 70% heat can be reduced when places in south and west facing windows.

Play with fabrics and beautiful patterns

As mentioned above, be careful of placing furniture that may not add up to the design of your home. If you are uncertain how you want your patio to look like, take a look at Pinterest worthy photos online, and let your imagination lead you.

For starters, you can play with fabrics and patterns for a cheaper alternative, instead of immediately purchasing new set of furniture.

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  1. I liked when you talked about how outdoor blinds can help you manage the lighting you get. It makes sense that taking your time to do your homework can help you make sure you get the best materials and design that will last and provide value to your home. I would want to make sure I do research and find a company that cares about their customers and who provide quality materials.

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