How to Give Your House a Modern & Elegant Vibe


Choose the right lighting

Each room in your home needs different lighting according to its style and function. Larger spaces need large fixture of lighting, chandeliers in huge lounge and hallways to give a welcoming impression. On the other hand a study or private bedroom may do better with accent lighting.

Let natural light in

Don’t be afraid to let in some light, especially if you have a beautiful view outside. Large windows and openings can take advantage of natural light and scenic garden views.

Paint matters

There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to liven up an older home. Repaint your house every 5 or 6 years, and consider the general climate in your area when choosing the right paint and colour.

Add some rugs

Rugs and carpets can instantly add a touch of class to your home. Just like how you dress up for fashion, your choice of ombre, modern, oriental, European or Persian rugs will reflect you.

Pillow up

Decorative pillows and cushions inside your home will add more style to your dwelling. Choose large opulent ones for more noticeable style and colour!

Give your window some treatments

Glass walls and windows go hand in hand with curtains, shades, shutters and outdoor blinds. Window treatments have plenty of benefits: privacy, light control, style, and many more. Convey a mood to a room by hanging some drapes or shutters when you need to keep the lights out.

Keep everything clean

A sleek look is best achieved when there are no clutters and dusts around. Draw up an organised housekeeping system, keep your house odour-free, and avoid spilling and staining the walls and furniture.

Add an alfresco area

Maximize the use of your outdoor area by installing decks, a veranda or an alfresco area. Outdoor structures can be a great addition giving you great entertaining areas and more room. Consider enclosing your outdoor area with pvc café blinds to be able to get year round.

Go for automatic gate

Adding an automatic gate can instantly modernise your home, adding value and security with remote control access to the home for you and your family.

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