Make your House More Welcoming with Automatic Gates from Accolade®

Don’t you find it inconvenient when you have go out of your car to open the gates when you drive home? Or when someone inside the house has to open it for you?  Accolade® Weather Screens has the ideal solution for you: an automatic gate. Give your house’s exterior a sleek twist! Accolade® Weather Screen designs extensive range of manual and automatic gates that are stylish, long lasting and will give your home an elegant look. To guarantee your house safety and without compromising style, we manufacture our gates using the advanced technology and best materials. Let Accolade® Weather Screens give your property a stylish and convenient entrance with our variety of manual and automatic gates. View the designs available in our gallery, and feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quotes and measures!

  • Aliscreen Aluminium Automatic Gates Bush Cherry 1
  • Aliscreen Aluminium Gate Bush Cherry
  • Aliscreen Aluminium Gate Primrose Automatic