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Get Your Desired Home Privacy with Outdoor Blinds & Outdoor Shade Blinds from Accolade® Weather Screens

Sun Filter and Block Out Blinds for your Outdoor Areas

Accolade’s outdoor blinds are designed to be installed and retro fitted to the inside of your existing outdoor area. And are a functional way to manage heat and light. You can achieve functional outdoor area combining with Accolade® PVC Weather Screens, which can blocks out wind, rain, sun and privacy. Accolade® Blinds are ideal for outdoor areas. Which have a westly facing aspect or for those who are looking at creating privacy from neighbouring eyes. Simple to use, Accolade® Outdoor Binds are using a smooth stainless steel chain. They come standard with an extruded aluminium bottom rails which provide a modern and sleek look. Accolade® Blinds come in a variety of configurations, colours, patterns and are available in sunscreen, translucent and blockout options. All our blinds are designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment. They are custom made to suit your existing outdoor area.

Accolade Screens Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Privacy & Outdoor Shade Screens

Our sunscreen range is ideal for cutting out the glare and heat entering though your existing PVC Weather Screens. It is ideal for those who still want the ability to view their garden & backyard and is our most popular choice. They are incredibly durable, lightweight and easy to clean as well. For larger spanned outdoor areas, we can install multiple blind systems. As well as smaller blinds for main door access and entry points. Our blockout range is perfect for those wanting to block out the sun and also require complete privacy in their outdoor area. Typically suited for outdoor areas facing neighbouring fence lines. With a large list of classic and contemporary colours, creating a fully functional outdoor area has never been easier. To find out more about our Accolade® Outdoor Blinds, please click on our galleries, view our informative videos or contact us today to organise a free no obligation measure quote.

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Outdoor Sun Filter Blinds – Features & Benefits

  • Contemporary and sleek
  • Retro fitted to your existing Accolade Weather Screen installation
  • Superior hardware system
  • Slender construction reducing light gaps
  • Smooth & quiet operation
  • Economical
  • Custom made to fit all styles of outdoor areas

Internal Sun Filter Outdoor Blinds Melbourne