Add Value to Your Home with an Exterior Makeover

First impression lasts, and that’s why street appeal is crucial. No matter how sleek, clean and organised the interiors of your home are, it is always the exterior that will be judged by your neighbours, passers and notoriously by buyers – if you’re selling your home.

Give your home a fresh look and improve its curb appeal by following two or more of these exterior revamps:


Whether it’s a re-touch or going for a new colour palette, a paint job can make or break the overall look of your home. Sophisticated hues are expected to take the stage for 2017, but you don’t have to go with the latest trends if they don’t suit the style of your home. A fresh paint is at times enough to give your home’s façade a dramatic transformation.

Enclose your patios with Accolade Weather Screens

Enclosing your patio will not just increase its appeal; it will also help you get the most out of it. Outdoor structures such as patios, alfresco, pergola, porch, and deck need to be enclosed to keep the area safe from environmental elements such as weather, insects and dusts. The enclosure will also add more room and protection for your home.

Give Accolade’s outdoor blinds a go

When choosing outdoor blinds; choose a name with a reputation for durability, but affordable at the same time. In our entry ‘Need to replace your old Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds? Switch to Accolade®’ we enumerated the reasons for switching from Ziptrak to Accolade. Not only are they great quality but we have an Accolade team that’s willing to guide you throughout the installation process.

A sleek and newly installed outdoor blind matched with a new paint job will certainly give your home’s exterior a fresh look.

Choose aluminum slats for gates and fencing

Want to go for a rugged and commercial look? Choose steel fencing. But if you want a residential and more homely appearance, choose aluminum slat fencing. It’s very easy to install and more importantly, more affordable than steel fencing.

Aluminum slats would also make good material for the entrance, regardless if it is a manual or an automatic gate.

Get your roof and gutters right

Your house’s roof is its crowning glory. But aside from aesthetic reasons, it is apparent why you need to keep this part of your home at its great shape: your roof protects you from Mother Nature. And if your goal is to increase the value of your home, your roofing is something you must never disregard during home improvement ventures.

So which among these exterior home makeovers are you ready to embark on?

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