Do’s and Don’ts on Cleaning Your Accolade® PVC Weather Screens

Your outdoor Accolade® Weather Screens blinds are resilient to extreme wind and sunlight. They are expected to last for quite a long time, so the last thing you need is for them to be defaced with dust, mildew, and bird droppings.  We want your outdoor blinds / weather screens to look sleek and clear as you do, so here are some dos and don’ts when cleaning your exterior blind & Accolade® Weather Screens.



  • Use VuPlex® – specifically designed for cleaning PVC blinds (alfresco or patio blinds). Follow these 3-easy steps for this product:
  1. Apply VuPlex generously to both sides of the screen or blind using a soft clean cotton cloth. Work the product on one-metre square patches at a time and then polish the product dry. If the blind is particularly dirty, you may need to apply twice but this is rare.
  2. You will feel the cloth become very slippery when you are close to finishing. VuPlex works by penetrating into the surface the plastic, lifting stains and dirt away by enveloping the unwanted material in a safe coating of lubricant so scratching is reduced during the wiping process.
  3. For the final step and once the entire surface has been treated, use a soft clean fluffy micro fibre cloth to wipe over once more to remove any last residue.
  • Be careful not to brush or scrub harshly.
  • Make sure to clean stain, dirt, and droppings right away to avoid discoloration.
  • Regularly clean your screens using a soft micro fibre cloth with smooth surface.
  • For stubborn bird droppings, leave a wet and warm sponge on the area for a short time, before washing it away.
  • Keep your tracks lubricated to make sure they glide and operate smoothly.



  • Use rotary brushes and steam cleaners.
  • Use solvents, alcohol, and other liquid with strong chemical.
  • Using hard soaps and detergent (mild detergent is OK) as alternative is not advisable either.
  • Clean during humid weather as this will only encourage mould build up.

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