Top Benefits of Outdoor Shades and Blinds

Many Australians want to take advantage of the warm and lovely weather their country is gifted with, and so comes the need for some to build outdoor structures for their homes like patio, decks, and porches. That concept leads to another thought – complementing their porches and patios with the right outdoor furniture and accessories such as outdoor shades, screens, and blinds.

But more than just a trend or luxury, outdoor shades and blinds do come with benefits that not everyone realizes. Below are top benefits of supplementing your patios with outdoor pvc blinds and shades.  


Summer days are for relaxations and enjoying outdoor activities that can go from going to beach, or just merely lounging in your porch or patio with a good book in hand. However, it is difficult to have an outdoor moment when the sun is glaring right into your face. Sunburns and skin cancers are all linked to being directly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Covering your porch with outdoor shades and blinds for comfort is a way to make the most out of your outdoor moments.

Sun Protection

Skin isn’t the only thing that needs to be protected from the sun. Aside from the obvious culprits (water, stains, and dirt), your patio furniture can also be damaged by the sun. Do you notice how chairs and sofa fade fast during summer? Overexposure to sunlight, or any visible light, can cause fabric damage, discoloration, and fading to your furniture. And if you have wood furniture? You have to store some sealants to fight against UV rays.

On the other hand, installing outdoor shades and blinds can be a more permanent solution for both wood and fabric furniture.

Extended Privacy

Glass walls, doors, and balconies are lovely, but they deny you of privacy at the same time. This is particularly true for those who live in snuggled up neighborhoods. Outdoor shades that you can pull up or down at your convenience is the answer to get your privacy back, without the need to give up your outdoor structure.

Saves up energy

To save a huge percentage on your electric bill, your outdoor air conditioner or fan can work together with outdoor shades to cool down your place. Outdoor shades are capable of cooling down the interior of place they’re attached to because of their capability to block out the sun’s heat.

Aesthetic Benefits

Outdoor shades and blinds come in various designs to match your home’s overall style, and could serve complements or replacements to your existing window treatments.

To find out how to best transform your outdoor area, let Accolade Screens do the work for you with our free measure and quote.

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  1. My family has been looking for ways to cover our back porch from sunlight, and I think the biggest reason why is because our furniture has been damaged by the sun. I think my husband has been talking about getting shade sails, they seem pretty fancy but I really like them. I’ll just have to talk details with him and see what kind of shades we finally agree on.

  2. Thanks for the excellent article on privacy screens! My wife and I just renovated our porch and are looking into buying some screens. I had no idea that they could make such a difference on the energy bill by cooling down your roof and porch. I’ll keep this in mind when I’m shopping for screens. Thanks for the help!

  3. I like how you point out that getting outdoor blinds can have a significant impact on energy savings. My home isn’t all that energy efficient, so it was helpful to know that I can save a huge percentage on my cooling costs with outdoor blinds. I bet the blinds would even pay for themselves over time in the amount of energy savings I’d accumulate.

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