Is your Outdoor Space Ready for Winter?

Winter is here and the cold and drizzle are on the way and guaranteed to keep your entertainment limited to indoors. But before you fold away the deck furniture, Accolades Weather Screen has a few winter-proofing tips to try.

Enclose your outdoor space with PVC Café Blind

Cozy up the décor

Adding a splash of colours to your outdoor space during the winter makes a huge difference. It takes away the dull, gloomy atmosphere that winter days usually come with. Go for boldly bright colours of rugs, pile up some pillows, throw a thick, comfy blanket, and you’re in for a warm, cozy outdoor retreat.

Warm up the space

This is the most obvious essential for a winter-proof outdoor area during the cold days. An outdoor heater or a fire pit will do the trick nicely – the latter will even add a beautiful visual to your space.

Upgrade your lighting

The sun sets early, but shorter days for don’t mean you have to retreat inside. Instead, turn the cold, dark atmosphere into a warm space by perking up the lighting scheme. From string lights to candles, to lanterns, there are many ways you can add a twist to the lighting landscape of your outdoor space.

Check for repairs and replacements

This is pretty self-explanatory and it applies not only to your outdoor structure but to every part of your home. Seal any leakage, protect your pipes from busting by checking for signs of plumbing problems that may result to frozen pipes. And if your patio already has heating check any vents or filters.


Enclose your outdoor space with PVC Café Blind or Weather screens

Accolade Weather Screens are a great PVC Café Blind alternative that can withstand any weather.  That’s why they’re the ideal weather-proofing solution to any climate. They can keep the sun out during summer days while allowing the space to be open, and during winter they create a ‘room’ protected from wind, rain, and snow.

Do you have any winter-proofing hacks for your outdoors space? Share them with us!

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