What do People say About Accolade Outdoor Blinds?

Previous installations of Accolade Weather Screens, an innovative alternative to traditional PVC Cafe Blinds

Previous installations of Accolade Weather Screens, an innovative alternative to traditional PVC Cafe Blinds

Accolade Weather Screens are fast becoming a household name as a great PVC blinds and outdoor blinds alternative.  But for those who are yet to experience the benefits of Accolade weather screens, you might want to check how pleased our customers are. You may be among those who wanted to replace their Ziptrak cafe blinds into a stronger Accolade version, well read on.

When in doubt about using a new product or hiring services, it is always helpful to browse the reviews and recommendations of previous customers.  This is something that Accolade Weather Screen has never lacked.

Over the years, the company has gained loyal and grateful customers who don’t hesitate in expressing their appreciation to the company’s untiring services.

The following are just few of people’s actual responses gathered from Accolade Weather Screen’s social media page:


“Can’t wait to get mine installed because I’ve seen them first hand and they are absolutely brilliant for summer and winter. Fantastic product. Highly recommend them. “- Gerg Moostache

“We’ve had ours for a few months and have had some horrendous weather at times but they still look like new .. love them and highly recommend them to anyone”  Lisa Gray

“We love our walls/doors. They still look as good as when we had them installed all those years ago. Very easy to clean. Enclosing our u-shaped pergola makes spending time outdoors in winter possible” – Raele Barling

“Very happy with ours, installed late last year, they look amazing.” – Karen Lennon

“We are in Clyde North. Screens were fitted this year absolutely great. Turned our alfresco into a great useable space. We are on a corner lot so we pick up the weather and wind, the screens protect us from both. The quality of the screen is as good as proper alfresco doors, wish we had fitted them as soon as we moved in.

Our only issue is that the cats love it in there so much we never see them…

Thanks for a great product.” – Philip Rogers

“I have had my accolades for about 4 years now and are still as good as the day we got them!!! Love them I would recommend them to anyone!!! Best thing ever!!!” – Rita Abela


These wonderful reviews and responses only inspire the Accolade Weather Screens team to keep providing their satisfying services. You can see more of testimonials on our Facebook Page. Contact us now to set for a no-obligation FREE measure and quote.

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