Why Enclose Your Patio with Accolade Weather Screens?

Enclose a Patio with your existing space can protect you from the elements and extend the use of your space.

Patios add another entertaining dimension to your home. It’s a place to appreciate outdoors and unwind.

There are many reasons why you must enclose your patio like keep your furniture safe from weather, bugs, and more. But why choose Accolades Screens as your brand of outdoor blinds?

Actual transformation done by Accolade Team

The actual transformation is done by Accolade Team

Because the Accolade Team has over a decade worth of experience in weatherproofing homes

Accolade Screens has been bringing outdoor structures to life since its launch in 1999. With more than a decade of experience under its belt, Accolade has gained expertise in dealing with a different type of weather-related household problems.  Accolade products are intended to stand against rain, strong wind, and harmful sun rays while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Because Accolade Weather Screens are not your run-of-the-mill outdoor blinds

Unlike a traditional PVC Cafe Blinds, Accolade® PVC Weather Screen System is designed to bi-fold, stack, slide, and hinge open which allow its users to maintain an open or closed outdoor environment with ease. The installation is quite easy, too. You can easily fix the screens yourself or have Accolade Weather Screens do it for you.

Because there are lots of Accolade outdoor screens to choose from

Accolade screens are as clear as glass and available in varying colors and designs – making it easy for you to choose a style that will complement your home.

Because Accolade® Screens can also be combined with the following materials:

  • Anti-Glare Green Tinted PVC
  • Bronze Tinted PVC
  • Charcoal Grey Tinted PVC
  • Paw Proof Mesh
  • Midge & Fly Screen Membrane
  • Sun Block Out Mesh
  • Opal & Clear Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Pet Doors

Because Accolade has the tick of approval from its many satisfied users

What do People say About Accolade Outdoor Blinds? A lot of good reviews. One visit to Accolade’s Facebook page and you’ll see a lot of its satisfied customers sharing their two cents about the product.

Other benefits of Accolade screens include:

  • Affordable
  • Can be easily stored away
  • Can be filled with a mesh membrane
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight
  • Made to measure
  • Unbreakable

Accolade® Screens also offers aluminum slat fencing and automatic gate among their range of products. Give us a call or send us a message for your weatherproofing needs.

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