Accolade Weather Screens – Before & After

Thinking of installing PVC Café Blinds to your outdoor area? Think Accolade instead!

Are you tired rolling up and down a PVC Café Blind, zips breaking and flapping around in the high winds?

We often are contacted to remove and replace both old and newly installed PVC Café Blinds with an Accolade Weather Screen system.
Accolade PVC Weather Screens not only look good, they are functional to use, stylish and are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.
When considering PVC Café Blinds / Bistro Blinds / Alfresco Blinds, there are some key considerations that must be addressed;

  • Functionality
    It is lot easier to operate a Accolade PVC Door vs bending down to lift a PVC bistro blind, even if it in its own channel system. Those with zippers and cranks / pulleys are time consuming and tedious to operate. Typically what we hear from our clients is that those who have PVC Blinds have them down permanently, they’re just too difficult to operate.
  • Wind Force
    The surface area of a PVC Café Blind is significantly higher that than of an individual Accolade Weather Screens. Often suppliers of PVC Blinds will have fine print requiring the Café Blind to be rolled up when the wind force exceeds 80km gusts?. What happens if you’re not home to do this? A larger surface area of a blind means there is more force being exerted. We often see the pulleys, fixing, zippers and channels of PVC Blind installations ripped off the walls, ground and brick work. Also very common is rattling and banging around in high winds. This causes damage to the outdoor area and also the PVC Blinds themselves
  • Clarity of PVC
    Large PVC Bistro Blinds require welds and or joins over large openings. They are also lose their tightness which causes a reduction in clarity. Continually rolling up and down of a PVC / Alfresco blinds will cause it to scuff on itself and lose tension.
    The PVC in an Accolade Weather Screen remains taunt as it stretched and permanently held into position. This increase the clarity and improves the overall look and appearance of your outdoor area.

Thinking of installing PVC Café Blinds / Bistro Blinds, why not contact Accolade Screens for today to organise a no obligation free measure and quote.

Accolade® PVC Weather Screens – Home Improvement Solution to High Winds and Extreme Weather

After purchasing new PVC Café Blinds only 2 years ago, our client decided to remove and replace their PVC Café Blinds with a new Accolade® Weather Screen system.
An Accolade® stacker sliding was used in favour of a bi-folding system to maximise the space on their existing outdoor area.

Our client experienced several issues with their PVC Café Blind system including;

  • Shaking and movement during high winds
  • Scuffing and creasing on the PVC from continual movement up and down
  • Expansion and contraction of the PVC, causing issues with zipping mechanisms
  • Inconvenience from bending down and rolling a blinds up

After installing the Accolade® system, our client was able to eliminate the above problems and utilise their outdoor area all year round, with a easy to operate stacker sliding system.
To find out how Accolade® Weather Screens can transform your outdoor area today, contact us today to organise a no obligation free measure and quote.

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